A Better Chance of Wilton
Do you want to help?  Click here for a list of ways you can volunteer in ABC of Wilton. We have volunteer opportunities that interact directly with our scholars and many that are behind the scenes. Or write to:
A Better Chance of Wilton, Inc.
P.O. Box 7658, Wilton, CT  06897

Board of Directors

Name                          Office

John Klein                   President

Michael McGroarty       Vice President

Jane Lee                     Vice President

Janel Downs                Recording Secretary

Laurie Crimmins          Corresponding Secretary

Lorraine Larkin            Treasurer

Christian Gilles            Compliance Officer


Director                      Position/Committee Assignments

Mark Carta                  Legal, Standards

Marylynn Clune            Scholar Support

Laurie Crimmins           Corresponding Secretary

George Davala             Investments/Financial Strategy

Shelley Dempsey         College Selection

Janel Downs                Recording Secretary

Robin Fields                Fundraising

Manuel Fonseca          House Maintenance – Boys

Meg Fuentes               Alumni Scholar Reporting

Lisa Galiano-Kratz      Scholar Selection, Personnel

Christian Gilles           Parent Liaison

Peter Kirchoff             Life Skills

John Klein                  President, Strategic Planning, Scholar Advocacy, Standards

Lorraine Larkin           Treasurer                    

Kristin Leddy             Scholar Selection

Jane Lee                    VP,Scholar Selection, Strategic Planning,  Standards   

Karen Legan              House Maintenance - Girls

Mark Logan               Host Family

Linda Lyall                 Academic Liaison

Liz McGroarty            Publicity/Newsletter/Fundraising

Mike McGroarty         VP, Host Family, Strategic Planning, Standards

Lynne Murphy           Nominations

Rich Nichol                Personnel

Sarah O’Malley           Fundraising, Publicity/Newsletter

Sheri Richards            Director At-Large

Minerva Rodrigues      Health Services, Fundraising/Publicity/Newsletter

Lynn Schuster            Summer Programs

Louise Shames           Parent Liaison

Keith Shoemaker        Golf Outing

David Smith                Database Manager/Compliance

Eydie Sum                  Website Manager/Historian


Resident Director - Girls                   Michelle and Michael Perri
Resident Director - Boys                   Michael and Paula Gordon
Cook - Girls House                           Annette Riley
Cook - Boys House                           Heidi Hawk

Off Board Positions

Transportation - Boys Coordinator      Susan Rance
                                                       Libby Carroll
Transportation - Girls Coordinator       Carven Albanese
                                                       Dina Livesay

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